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As an internet entrepreneur and mother, it can be difficult to balance both your business and family life. Fortunately, there are some great tools available for making this task easier – namely WordPress, Pinterest, and Instagram. These three platforms can help you get your business up and running quickly while still keeping your personal life organized.

Benefits of Being an Internet Entrepreneur & Mom:

  • Time flexibility – create schedules that fit around parenting responsibilities
  • Gain creative inspiration through platforms such as WordPress & Pinterest
  • Opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs in similar niches
  • Potential financial benefits depending on the success of your business
  • A chance for self-expression through blogging & social media

Online business manager

An Online Business Manager is a professional who helps entrepreneurs manage their daily business operations. This includes tasks such as customer service and communications, website design, finance and accounting, marketing, project management, and more. An OBM understands the goals of a business owner and works to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and execute strategies tailored to the owner’s needs. They employ innovative technology solutions to ensure everything runs smoothly which can help boost productivity, morale, profits and overall performance in businesses of all sizes. By partnering with an OBM entrepreneur’s can free up more time for themselves so they can focus on what matters most: driving their business forward.

Building up my website

Setting up my own website has been a great experience so far and I’m loving it! WordPress is the perfect platform to get me started – it’s easy to use, highly customizable, and offers an incredible range of plugins and widgets to take my design even further. I’m also finding that their customer support is excellent, always there to help when I have questions or technical issues. So overall if you’re looking for a reliable, user-friendly way to launch your project online then WordPress is definitely worth checking out!

Financing the Startup

Entrepreneurs entering the world of internet-based business have an exciting opportunity to capitalise on the digital age. Startup loans for internet entrepreneurs are specifically designed to help fund the next generation of creators; providing an essential financial resource that can bolster the chances of success and make dreams a reality. These types of loans offer access to outright grants and favourable terms regarding interest rates, repayment periods, amounts normally around $5000 and other costs associated with borrowing money. The process is straightforward and simple, helping new businesses get off the ground quickly and with minimal stress or bureaucracy. If you’re an internet entrepreneur looking for funding support early in your business journey then consider taking advantage of startup loans for internet entrepreneurs — it could be crucial in kickstarting your dream!

18 Lessons I’ve Learned As A Mom and Entrepreneur

  1. Time management is key.
  2. Invest in yourself and take care of yourself first.
  3. Learn to prioritize and delegate tasks when necessary.
  4. Celebrate the small wins and acknowledge your progress regularly.
  5. Develop a support system of family, friends, or professionals who understand what you do and will help you stay on track.
  6. Remain open to suggestions from others that can be beneficial to your business or parenting style.
  7. Have a plan for both business and family life; this allows you to remain organized and focused on each task at hand as well as keeping all aspects of your life in balance.
  8. Don’t compare yourself to others but instead strive for self-improvement by setting achievable goals for yourself daily, weekly, or monthly depending on what works for you best – there’s no one size fits all approach here!
  9. Be willing to take risks but be sure to weigh the pros and cons before making any big decisions that could potentially affect both your family and business lives drastically with just one move made hastily without proper consideration being taken into account beforehand – hindsight is 20/20 after all!
  10. Keep a clear head when making important decisions.
  11. Identify and address weaknesses quickly.
  12. Stay organized and consistent with deadlines.
  13. Embrace change as it arrives – look for the possible opportunities that come along with it!
  14. Stay up to date on industry trends for maximum benefit from any changes that arise.
  15. Remember why you started this journey in the first place for perspective and motivation when needed.
  16. Create time zones to ensure work and family obligations are balanced properly.
  17. Take regular breaks for mental clarity and contemplation of complex tasks at hand.
  18. Prioritize quality over quantity in order to create higher level content that will drive results rather than sloppy mediocrity which will ultimately lead to feeling exhausted & demotivated faster than expected.


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