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Writer and editor - Joseph Smith | Updated on 2023-03-05

It can be very difficult to get a loan with a credit score of 450. Anything below 580 is considered to be a bad credit score, so 450 is a very low score. That being said, you can still get a loan despite your credit score, and there are also ways of working around the hurdles to increase your chances of getting a loan.

Where to get a personal loan with a 450 credit score

Getting a personal loan with a credit score of 450 is very tough because these loans are often unsecured. Lenders, therefore, rely on your credit score to determine how likely you are to repay your debts based on your history. A soft credit check is done every time a loan request is made before approval. Avoid lenders who perform a hard credit check as this can further lower your credit score. Most lenders will consider a 450 credit score as unreliable and will thus deny you a personal loan.

If you’re ever in this situation, it’s best to stay away from the big banks. CNBC reported that big banks approved only 27.8% of loan requests, so it’s safe to assume they turned down all loan requests from individuals with poor credit scores. Smaller lenders, on the other hand, may be more flexible and this should be your focus. Some other options may include online and P2P lenders.

It is possible to reduce the interest rate

But regardless of where you request for the loan, expect to receive some very expensive options. Due to the risk of lending to unreliable borrowers, lenders will greatly increase the interest rate charged to repay the loan. It is possible to reduce the interest rate charged by putting up some of your assets as collateral. For instance, using your car, home, and other assets makes the loan secured and thus requires less interest because the asset offsets any risk the lender may see in you. It is an unusual arrangement to have a secured personal loan, but it can help you enjoy less punishing rates.

Above all, however, is to look around at all available options before settling on one. All lenders set their own rates and terms, but you have to look at all the options before deciding on one. You can also propose different payment terms that might improve your chances of getting a loan.

Requesting a shorter-term loan, for example, could increase your chances of getting that loan because the lender will find the offer less risky. Just remember that a shorter-term loan comes with higher monthly repayments that may be harder to achieve.

How to improve your credit score and get more offers with better rates

Once you get a personal loan at a favorable rate, remember to honor the agreement and pay it back on time. By so doing, you get to improve your credit score so that you won’t have to go through as much of a hassle the next time you’re looking for a loan. This means also repaying other loans you may have such as credit cards to further improve your credit score, or open up new cards to raise your total credit limit.

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Joseph Smith
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