10 Best Bad Credit Options for a Personal Loan 620 Credit Score

Writer and editor - Joseph Smith | Updated on 2023-03-05

There are a lot of factors that affect your credit score, and it is not unlikely to find yourself with a 620 credit score due to unavoidable circumstances. Despite these circumstances, you may still be in need of credit in the form of a personal loan or line of credit, and this is when you need to look at your options.

Options for a personal loan at 620 credit score

Your first option to getting a personal loan is to search for a willing lender. Every lender sets their own conditions for approving loans, and you just have to find a lender who suits your situation. These lenders consider a person’s employment status as well as previous loans and credit scores to decide on their loan application. Alternative and online lenders are the most flexible because they use fintech to analyze applications, and you are more likely to be approved by one of these. Below are some companies you may want to look at that have good reputation and are likely to approve applications even with a 620 credit score.

Credit Score of 620 Loans

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You may also want to request other forms of funding such as credit cards and secured loans. Although you should generally expect a lower spending limit on a credit card, they are more easily approved compared to term loans. Taking advantage of assets like real estate may also help you get a personal loan more easily despite a low credit limit. Just be careful when picking a credit card based on the APR and take advantage of 0% APR credit cards from some providers.

Raising your credit score

Perhaps the best option overall is to work toward a better credit score. You can do this by starting to honor any monthly bills and repayments you may have including credit cards. Then move on to outstanding debts and try to pay off what you can. Settle smaller debts so that the lender will make a positive report on your financial history. Also, try to request for consolidation or debt-builder loans to settle loans and receive positive rating on credit history.

If you feel that your current credit rating does not honestly reflect your credit history, it may be best to check for any wrong entries. You are allowed one free credit report every year from any of the 3 popular credit bureaus, on which your entire financial history is shown. The FTC also dictates that lenders have 30 days to rectify any wrong entries, and you can use this to address any errors.

Secured credit cards are also great for improving your credit score because lenders report your card activity. If you can manage to keep card utilization below 30%, this is seen as a plus and shall raise your credit score.

How to increase your chances of getting a loan instantly

If you can’t wait for your credit card to improve gradually, you can still work around the hurdles that come about due to a low credit score. Start by asking for smaller loans below $10,000 from different lenders until you receive the amount you need and always promising to pay in a shorter time. Both of these make the loan less risky in the eye of the lender and you will be more likely to be approved. Showing lenders that you also have unused credit cards shows that you have other sources of funds to repay the loan, also increasing your chances of approval.

However, remember that you may do all the above and still fail to get a loan because there is never 100% guaranteed approval. Lenders may be very flexible to individual situations, but they can never approve all loan requests. Take the above options as tips to increase your chances of getting a loan and don’t be disappointed when a lender turns you down. The trick is to keep looking at different lenders until you find one that is open to your application.

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