Bad credit loans guaranteed approval $10,000

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Getting personal loans of up to $10,000 may seem downright impossible when you have bad credit, but it really isn’t. Let’s look at everything you need to know about finding bad credit loans guaranteed approval $10,000.

Where can I get bad credit loans guaranteed approval $10,000?

If you have bad credit with a credit score that’s below 600, you can still get a loan of up to $10,000. You can get such a loan through a direct lender or broker. If using a direct lender, it’s possible to get the loan directly from the source but it takes more time on your end. But using a broker will give you easier access to more lenders that may give you the loan you want.

That said, regardless of whether it’s a direct lender or broker, no one can guarantee approval for a $10,000 bad credit loan. The trick to getting the loan amount you desire, even though you have bad credit, is to keep applying to different lenders who have different loan requirements.

By diversifying your options, you’ll eventually find a lender who’s willing to work with you.

Best bad credit loans “guaranteed” approval $10,000

Loans Amount Cost / APR ? Bad Credit Features
$500 - $10,000
Individual rates
Bad credit allowed
  • Loan terms start at 3 months.
  • Next-day deposit: In some cases ?
  • High approval rates ?
  • Time for decision: 1.5 min ?
  • Type of service ?
LifeLoans (Personal loan) $500 - $40,000 APR:
Starting at 5.99% ?
Bad credit allowed
  • Loan term 2 months to 5 years
  • Credit check type: Both ?
  • Next-day deposit: In some cases ?
  • Min creditscore: 580
  • High approval rates ?
  • Time for decision: 1.5 min ?
  • Type of service ?
Personal Loans (Personal loan) $500 - $35,000 APR:
Starting at 5.99% ?
Bad credit allowed
  • Loan term 3 months to 6 years
  • Credit check type: Soft ?
  • Next-day deposit: In some cases ?
  • Min creditscore: 580
  • High approval rates ?
  • Time for decision: 1.5 min ?
  • Type of service ?
QuickLoanLink (Personal loan) $300 - $35,000 APR:
Starting at 6.90% ?
Bad credit allowed
  • Loan term 2 months to 7 years
  • Credit check type: Soft ?
  • Next-day deposit: In some cases ?
  • Min creditscore: 550
  • High approval rates ?
  • Time for decision: 1.5 min ?
  • Type of service ?

What are my options if I want to borrow $10,000?

Not all lenders are willing to loan money to borrowers with bad credit. That’s because such borrowers tend to be high risk due to their credit history.

Fortunately, new lenders are constantly emerging. Many of these lenders have more lenient requirements, making it easier for people with bad credit to get long-term loans of thousands of dollars. The most popular long-term loan options for people with bad credit—who need $10,000 or more—are installment loans and signature loans.

An installment loan may be a secured (requires collateral) or unsecured (doesn’t require collateral) loan. You can use the money to do whatever you want, and the repayment term may be a matter of months or years, depending on what you and the lender agree to.

Every month for the duration of the loan, you have to pay back a principal sum and interest. Because it’s a bad credit loan, the interest rate is higher than that of a regular personal loan.

Signature loans have loan terms that are very similar to that of an installment loan in many cases.

Tips on getting approved with bad credit

As we said, no lender can guarantee approval for a bad credit loan. But in spite of your bad credit, you can improve your chances of getting approved for a $10,000 loan by applying the following tips:

  1. Get a cosigner: Compared to you, a cosigner will have excellent credit. Lenders are more agreeable when there’s a cosigner to serve as your guarantor by agreeing to cover your debt if you default on repayments.
  2. Apply to multiple lenders: If one lender rejects your loan application, it’s not the end of the world. Simply apply to other bad credit lenders with less strict requirements.
  3. Choose lenders that do alternative checks: Instead of a traditional credit check of your credit history, some lenders do alternative checks by verifying your income. The borrower must be able to prove a minimum monthly income of $800.
  4. Improve credit: Improving your credit will make you more attractive to lenders, open you up to more loan options, and reduce interest rates on loans. Improving your credit may take a while, but it’s worth it. Some quick ways to accomplish this include:
    • Pay down your credit card bill and other bills before they are due
    • Keep your credit debt below 30 percent of your credit balance
    • Make larger credit card payments
    • Settle smaller debts and avoid accumulating more debt
    • Get a secured credit card
    • Reduce the number of your loan applications

What about same day loan (deposit)?

The sooner you can get the loan amount you need, the better.

Fast deposit to your bank account – Many lenders can deliver same day loans or a next business day deposit to your bank account. But even though it’s possible, no lender can guarantee it. That’s because the time it takes to transfer and deposit the money for an installment or signature loan can vary for each borrower.

For instance, discrepancies in a borrower’s details can delay payment. Also, larger loan sums will require extensive manual verifications that may delay the process, and the financial institution processing the payment may or may not slow things down.

Guaranteed Loan Approval No Credit Check

People who have bad credit will no doubt prefer loans that involve no credit checks. But, regardless of the type of bad credit loan you want, a lender will still run some type of credit check.

That said, the credit requirements for installment loans and other bad credit loans are not as stiff as those of regular personal loans. Some bad credit lenders will insist on running a traditional soft or hard credit check to verify your credit history. But there are others that will simply run an alternative credit check by asking for a pay stub to confirm your monthly income.

Rather than focus on finding a no credit check lender, focus on finding one with less strict requirements.

Pros and Cons


Some advantages of $10,000 installment or signature loans are:

  • You can get all the money you need to solve your financial issues
  • The APR is lower than that of short-term bad credit loans like payday loans
  • You can use the money for whatever you want
  • If you make monthly repayments on time, it will improve your credit score
  • You can get the loan sum in your bank account quickly
  • The duration of the loan allows you to gradually repay the loan over several months
  • An unsecured loan removes the worry of losing your collateral, which in most cases is the borrower’s home


  • You may have to apply to multiple lenders before you find one that will give you a loan
  • Multiple lenders performing hard credit checks will hurt your score
  • Failure to make loan repayments on time will hurt your score
  • The interest rates for bad credit loans are generally higher than those of regular personal loans

Summary – bad credit loans guaranteed approval $10,000

A $10,000 bad credit loan, such as an installment or signature loan, can provide you with the financial assistance you need quickly. While no lender can guarantee your approval for a $10,000 bad credit loan, you can find one by applying to several lenders who have different requirements.

To ensure the loan you take is more of a help than a hassle, be sure to understand the terms of the loan before accepting it. Failure to do so may result in accepting a loan with interest rates and other terms that do not fit your budget.

Let us help you find the best bad credit lenders in your area.

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